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Location:southern maryland
D.O.B:June 30th
Hair color:dark brown
Eye color:brown
Do you have a crush or a boyfriend/girlfriend? List us 3 interesting things about them: i guess a crush
1. really sweet
2. always tells me im pretty & beautiful (ect.)
3. we have a lot in common
Band(s):Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Blink 182
Songs:"We Belong Together" Mariah Carey "Fairy Tales" JoJo
Movies:The Notebook, Mean Girls, American Pie
Stores:Forever 21, TJ Maxx, Target, Victoria's Secret

Gay Marrige:im ok with it. their just like us. just as long as they dont get on my nerves.
Abortion:its a woman choice what she wants to do. even thought some mothers take it for granted its still a womans choice
Suicide:people that have thoughs of suicide should get help from someone cause they have to realize if the kill themselves their hurting other people to.

What type of flirting method do you use: i use all kinds. mostly like the sexy stare and of course the flirty giggle.
How flirty/sexy do you think you are?(scale 1-10):7
Additude (scale 1-10):9
What makes you so flirty?:i guess my flirty laugh and how i talk to a lot of guys often and im bubbly at times and cute.
What makes you so sexy?:i dont know really. guys tell me im sexy i guess cause im a cute girl and i can change into a sexy side.

Why you joined this community:i thought this community caught my eye in the intersets list i could make a lot of friends in this community to.
Show us something that will make us laugh:
1.why is a slut like a doorknob? cause everyone gets a turn.
2.He was poor he ate his cereal with a fork to save the milk.
2 Links where you have promoted this community:


Pictures (If you want, not mandatory):not have any rite now.
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